CVR Lookup

Outlook App which makes it easy to do CVR Lookups directly from your Outlook client

Soon to be released - REST webservice which enables search in the danish national register of companies


CVR Lookup is an app that makes it easy to find company information in the danish national register of companies, for all emails you receive directly within Outlook.

The app will search through the mail body for company identification numbers and carry out a CVR lookup for any matches once you click "CVR Lookup". The app does not have permission to read the contents of you mail, only to search for 8-digits identification numbers.

The image shows the information that will be made available in Outlook once the app is installed.


You can install CVR Lookup from the Office Store, or download the installation file here: To install the app manually you have to select settings from you Outlook Client and select "apps" and then add the app, either from the downloaded file or by inserting the link to OutlookCVRAppManifest.xml. Administrator priveledges are not required to install the app


If you encounter problems with CVR Lookup, or have suggestions for improvements then you are welcome to write me